The Souls Reunited Series

forest image ella and alasdair.jpg
forest image ella and alasdair.jpg

Lord Alasdair Stewart is the future Earl of Galloway (Scotland) and an Admiral in the Royal Navy. He is handsome and charming and deliciously masculine with just enough arrogance to make Ella crazy. Alasdair is a talented writer and enjoys breaking down Ella's barriers with poems and love letters and maybe a few other forms of creative gifts designed to make her smile. As with Charlotte and Ian, Ella and Alasdair are accompanied by a cast of characters that are both endearing and amusingly entertaining. 

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I am currently writing the second book in this series, The Power of Fate. Here we get to follow Charlotte and Ian's souls back in time to England and Scotland in the late 1700s where Ella and Alasdair are introduced. Lady Ella Seymour is the daughter of a duke and a delightful mix of conventional and unconventional with her poised elegance and her unusual connection with nature, not to mention her uncanny ability to ride her horse, Willow, like a jockey at the races (Shhh!...She doesn't want anyone to know that secret).

Although there are many connections between the two stories (some subtle, some blatant) they are stand alone novels that can be read in any order. I will be writing two more books (at least) beyond The Essence of Fate and The Power of Fate. Each one will go further back in time and continue to make sense out of the fairytale aspect we saw in Charlotte and Ian's contemporary romance. 

I look forward to announcing the completion of Book 2 in the Souls Reunited Series.

My Dearest, Lady Ella ~