I look forward to filling this page with the completed stories I have staked up in my mind. The Essence of Fate is my first full length novel. It was originally supposed to be a short, steamy romance that would allow me to test the waters and see if I liked writing. Well...the characters and the story took off in my mind and I knew after finishing chapter one, that not only did I like writing, I loved it! I am currently working on the second book in the Souls Reunited Series, The Power of Fate, and I am honestly enjoying writing this one more than the first. It is a historical romance, therefore I am forced to do a lot of research, which I love. But, more than anything, I enjoy going back in history to a time and place where my old soul feels connected. Book 2, The Power of Fate, will be completed in 2021.

In the debut of the Souls Reunited series, The Essence of Fate, we are introduced to Charlotte LeFay, the manager of a luxury Miami resort, and Ian McAlistair, the owner of a real estate development firm. Both young and successful, neither expecting the outcome of their chance meeting that fateful day.
Dive into a unique tale filled with deep emotion, intense passion, playful humor, and a bit of fantasy that will have you turning every page for more.
The Essence of Fate is a standalone novel with an endearing cast of characters that make you appreciate the bond that can be shared with family and close friends. 
Charlotte and Ian's story is a sensual (and explicit) romance, but more so, it is a love story that transcends time. True soul mates will always find each other again.

Available April 14th 2021

Dance with abandon cover.jpg
Dance with Abandon Through the Chill

This is a short epic I wrote for my father many years ago, a few months before he passed away. It is a story about overcoming the fear of dying. I had sensed that fear in the man I only knew as fearless and writing this for him took me a on a journey that was beautiful and cathartic.