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I look forward to filling this page with the completed stories I have stacked up in my mind.

The Essence of Fate is my first full length novel that blossomed into a series of four books in the Souls Reunited Series. Many hundreds of years ago, an unconventional couple fell so deeply in love, they couldn't bear to part even when their lives had ended. The strength of that love and, perhaps a little magic, allowed them to find one another again and again, living long, passion filled lives through eternity. In this series, we get to follow them through four of those lives. Each book is a standalone novel, though they are all connected with poignant details to the story as a whole.


It is human nature to erect a protective wall around yourself when life teaches you a hard lesson.

Trust doesn't come easily when your perfect, happy life gets yanked out from under you. 

When the scars left by someone else's lies are permanent.

Then fate decides to test your resolve and push your limits, to prove you wrong at every turn. 

But...everything about this is wrong for me...he is wrong for me.


How is it that I have spent my life thinking it was perfect, that I was truly happy, when nothing could be further from the truth?

I want for nothing...or so I thought. Then one day, while driving down the highway, fate introduces me to what I've been missing.

I wish I knew then what I know now, because I would have handled everything differently. 

But I didn't and I may never forgive myself for making her not trust me.

Charlotte and Ian's story is a contemporary romance steeped in the undeniable connection of soul mates. 

When two souls have loved that deeply before, they will find each other again...and again and again. 

This is a standalone novel in the Souls Reunited Series that features an endearing cast of characters that make you appreciate the bond that can be shared with family and close friends.


As the daughter of a duke, society expects me to fit into their mold of a proper young lady. No one knows I’d rather be racing my horse, Willow, through the forest trails than attend another fancy ball. I’ve always been more at ease while in the company of nature, which is why I didn’t want to leave the conservatory that fateful night.

If I had gone back to the ballroom, I would have never happened upon him. But I found him and my eyes would not let me look away. I thought I was hidden, but he knew I was there.

Now, the control I thought I had over my own destiny is gone. But I discover that my destiny was never mine to control, fate had already determined it for me.


As a captain in the Royal Navy and the future Earl of Galloway, I’ve lived an exciting life of privilege and adventure. I’ve been content traveling the world, avoiding the monotony of London society. But there are times it can’t be avoided.

I felt her presence before I could see her. I could sense her fascination, her desire. Then I saw her, and my heart raced with an excitement I have never known.

She shouldn’t have been there. As a proper lady, she should have never left the crowded ballroom. But fate puts us where we need to be and for that, I am eternally grateful.

The Power of Fate is the second book in the Souls Reunited Series, which follows the souls of two lovers through time. Ella and Alasdair, in nineteenth-century Scotland, are the previous incarnation of Charlotte and Ian, twenty-first-century lovers in The Essence of Fate.

Ella and Alasdair have an equally passionate love story that will keep you turning every page wanting more.

Each book in the Souls Reunited Series is a standalone novel. However, they are intertwined with details that connect them all as we follow two souls through time.

Dance with abandon cover.jpg
Dance with Abandon Through the Chill

This is a short epic I wrote for my father many years ago, a few months before he passed away. It is a story about overcoming the fear of dying. I had sensed that fear in the man I only knew as fearless and writing this for him took me a on a journey that was beautiful and cathartic.  

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