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The Souls Reunited Series

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

I am currently writing the third book in the series, The Meaning of Fate. This passionate love story takes place in the 1570's where the souls that Charlotte and Ian, and Ella and Alasdair embodied, deal with the challenges of the times while letting fate lead the way.

Isla and Lachlan have a beautiful tale to tell.

Isla Sutherland is a healer, like her mother, that settles on the Isle of Skye after being ousted from her father's lands in the north. Skye is a island of enchanted forests, faerie pools, and legends that run deeper than the ancient roots of the rowan tree. Isla knows she is different, she was raised to take comfort in the unique blood that runs through her veins. But when Fate plays its hand and brings Lachlan MacLeod to her door, nothing can prepare her from the turn her life will take.

As with The Essence of Fate and The Power of Fate, The Meaning of Fate is a stand alone novel.

However, there are connections between them all, some are obvious, others are subtle, but they

all make the series emotionally riveting and hard to put down. The last book in the series, The Dawn of Fate, will finally tell us where these two souls found each other and why their love is so powerful, it will last for eternity.

The Meaning of Fate is expected to release in the Fall of 2023 and The Dawn of Fate in the Fall of 2024.

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